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The Right Tools

Using the right tool for a project always seems to give the best results, and usually makes the job much easier!

After years of struggling to do our work using the old-fashioned inefficient programs and methods of the past, we reimagined our firm to make a clean break from outdated technology.


Asendant, LLC is a modern accounting firm re-created from the ground up to maximize our efficiency and provide our clients with more timely, more useful, higher-quality information that they need to build their business.


Our efficiency allows us to better serve our clients and provides a significant cost and time savings to our clients.


Our desire for maximum efficiency is an ongoing process.  We meticulously systemize and document our accounting routines and processes to continually look for areas to improve timeliness, consistency, correctness, completeness, efficiency, and relevance to management oversight.


Our favorite tool is Xero.  You may have never heard of Xero, but Xero is an award-winning accounting platform used by more than 2,000,000 businesses.

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